Jiang Xiaoping
Associate professor and graduate tutor of School of Fine Arts, LNNU
Graduated from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts in 1981
Representative Works

Smile (Cloth-pasting picture, 60×50cm, 1996)

Flower (Cloth-pasting drawing, 59×50cm, 1996)

Ah Jiao (Oil Pastels, 27×24cm, 2001)

Summer (Oil Pastels, 25×25cm, 2001)

Lotus Pond (Embroidery, 57×47cm, 2003)

Lotus Pond Clear Dream (Embroidery, 58×48cm, 2005)
Held Jiang Xiaoping Cloth-pasting Art Exhibition in 1988
Held Jiang Xiaoping Cloth-pasting Art Exhibition in 1992
TV programme about Jiang Xiaoping Cloth-pasting Game was took by Dalian TV Station in 1989
Paid visits to Japan, Taiwan, Germany, France for art exchange from 1991 to 2001
Works Flower, Bian Rong Pu Dream, Smiles, Chinese Rose, Cold Fragrance, Light Make Up, etc. were selected many art exhibitions and collected by friends at home and abroad.
Collection of Jiang Xiaoping Cloth-pasting Drawings was published by Liaoning Fine Arts Press in 1999
Co-edited the Arts and Crafts Design was published by Higher Education Press in 2000
Paper Dialectical Teaching View about Arts and Crafts Design Course was selected in Collection of the Administration of the Humanities Views by Liaoning People Press in 2001
Worked as designer at Taiwan Chenglu Art and Craft Company and designed series works of ceramics, wall ornamentation and bag such as Africa, National, Christmas, etc. in 2003